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Locks Up During Printing

If your Quick & Easy program locks up after selecting to print:  

1.      In order to close your non-responsive program, hold down Ctrl + Alt + Delete to bring up your Task Manager. 

2.       On the Application tab select Quick & Easy and click End Now. 

3.      If you do not see Quick & Easy on your Application tab, select the Processes tab and locate/highlight QEZ32.exe and click End Process. 

4.      Once the Quick & Easy program is closed, reboot your computer. 

5.      Once Windows has totally loaded, re-open Quick&Easy and try to print again. 

6.      If you still encounter the lock up problem, please call our Technical Support Department at 1(800)556-7526, 8:30am-5:00pm ET M-F. 



If you do not find a solution on this Support Page, please contact our Technical Support Department at 1(800)556-7526, 8:30am-5pm ET M-F, or send an email to 


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