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Installing your Quick&Easy Legal Forms program: 

Network Administrator or IT Managers: For more detailed installation instructions, please refer to the Q&E Legal Manual.PDF file located on the Quick&Easy install CD or Click Here. 

STEP 1: Installing Quick&Easy 

1.      Insert the Quick&Easy CD into your CD-ROM drive. (If setup doesn't start automatically, browse the Quick&Easy CD in your CD-ROM drive and double click Launch.exe)  

2.      Choose the type of installation you want to perform: 

Full - This option is for all single installations (Personal, Family or Office packs) on stand alone computers. Select Full. Click Next.
Server – Only choose this option if you wish to install to a server that does not need to run Quick&Easy directly.  Note that choosing this option puts the program files (not the programs support files) onto the system, therefore you will not be required to reboot after the installation is finished. 

Workstation – If this is a computer on a network, and you have already ran a Full or Server install on another computer on the same network. 

3.      On the Welcome screen click Next. 

4.      You must agree to the terms of the license agreement in order to continue installing.  Select to accept the agreement, then select Next to continue.  

5.      Choose the destination folder for the installation.  Click Change if you need to select a folder other than the default.  If this is a Workstation install, browse to the location where you already installed Quick&Easy. 

6.      Click Install to start copying files.. 

7.      Setup will copy all files. Click Finish. 

STEP 2: Registering your forms package(s)
The forms package(s) you purchased must be registered before using or unlocking Quick&Easy. You will need the License ID, Password and Serial number(s) located on the inside cover of the original CD case. YOU WILL NEED THESE FOR FUTURE INSTALLS. DO NOT DISCARD.

To register your software: 

1.      The first time you launch the Quick&Easy program you will receive a Registration Notification message with the option to run the Quick&Easy Administrator.  Select this option to start the registration process.  

*       If this is not your first attempt at opening the Quick&Easy program and/or the Registration Notification prompt does not appear, Right-click on your Quick&Easy Icon, Click Properties then select Find Target (or Open File Location for Windows Vista or Windows 7).  Locate and double-click QEZADMIN.EXE to start the Quick&Easy Administrator. 

2.      The Form Manager will appear the first time you run the Quick&Easy Administrator. If this is not the first time, select Form Manager. 

3.      Enter the License ID, Password and Serial number. Click OK. 

4.      To register additional forms packages, repeat #2 & #3. 

STEP 3: Unlock Quick&Easy
Before you can run Quick&Easy, you must unlock the program. You can do this if the computer has an internet connection or by calling DataTech Software at 1-800-556-7526 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST M-F.

To unlock your Quick&Easy program with an active internet connection: 

1.      If you are not already in the Quick&Easy Adminstrator as instructed in Step 2 above, Right-click on your Quick&Easy Icon, select Properties then click Find Target (or Open File Location for Windows Vista or Windows 7).  Locate and double-click QEZADMIN.EXE to start the Quick&Easy Administrator. 

2.      Click Registration Manager button. 

3.      Click Automatic Unlock. 

4.      You will receive a message that the program is now authorized to run from this computer.  Click OK and close the Quick&Easy Administrator. 

*      If you need to run Quick&Easy from a computer that is acting as your server and from a workstation, you will need to run the unlock procedure from both locations.  If you have more than one workstation, the process is only necessary from one workstation.  (Please note that all workstations must have the same drive/directory mapping to the Quick&Easy program.) 

*      The Automatic Unlock procedure is only good for your initial install of Quick&Easy.  If you need to reinstall Quick&Easy and the automatic unlock option gives you the message that there are no more unlock codes, please call our Technical Support Department. 

*      You can purchase any forms that are currently running in demo mode.  To do so, call Datatech Software at 1-800-556-7526 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST M-F6 


If you do not find a solution on this Support Page, please contact our Technical Support Department at 1(800)556-7526, 8:30am-5pm ET M-F, or send an email to 



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