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Printing As Attachments


When you have an answer that takes up more room than the form allows, the program will start to print that answer on the form in the allotted space, then continue printing the remaining text for that answer on a continuation page.  If you would like all of your text to print on the continuation page and insert "see attachment" on the form, see below: 

1.      From the program menu, click Tools > Options. 

2.      Select the tab that reflects the form you have open  

3.      Under Print as Attachment Option, select the check box that reflects the question number for the answer you would like to print as an attachment. Click OK.  If you have more data then will fit in the allotted spot on the form, the program will automatically enter "see attachment" and print the entire answer on a continuation page.  

*       This feature will work for multiple answer questions (such as assets listed on a schedule in your Inheritance tax form) or word processing areas where you may type a long explanation (for example; areas to explain an injury on your workers’ compensation forms).   

*       Although this feature is available for all extended answers, you may not want to apply this to schedules on Inheritance tax forms.  You will want your initial schedule page to print with the allowable amount of answers before going to a continuation page. 



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