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Printing Continuations


When you have an answer that takes up more room than the form allows, the program will start to print that answer on the form in the allotted space.  If you have additional answers or text that you have entered that needs to print and has not, please do the following:  

1.      From the program menu, click File > Print. 

2.      Click Select Items and scroll down the list of pages to print and select “Attachments(s)”.  

3.      Click OK. 

*       If you wish to print multiple pages, schedules, and/or attachments but do not want to print “All” pages or do not want to spend time printing one page at a time, you can select all the pages you want to include buy holding down your “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and clicking each page you want to print from the list.  Once all pages are highlighted click OK! 



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