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The Quick & Easy v7.0.2 has an option on the File menu that makes creating PDF files easier!  The “Send to PDF” option will only be available if the Datatech PDF driver is installed. 

To create PDF files using the Send to PDF option: 

1.      Open the data file you wish to convert to a PDF. 

2.      From the File menu select Send to PDF. 

3.      Follow the prompt to select the pages you wish to include in your PDF file. 

4.      When the Save As dialog box appears, enter a file name (name your file appropriately, this is the PDF file that will be created for you).  You also have the option of saving this file to any location on your computer.   

5.      Once your PDF file is created, it is ready for you to attach to emails or store on our system in the PDF format. 

**If you are running v7.0.2 and do not have the "Send to PDF" option on your File menu, please follow the steps below to install the Datatech PDF driver: 

a)      Close your Quick&Easy program and select the Windows Start button. Click Run.  

b)      Select Browse. 

c)      Browse to the folder where your Quick&Easy program is installed. (By default, the program installs to "C:\Program Files\Datatech Software\Quick & Easy") 

d)     Highlight Install.exe and click Open. 

e)      The path to Install.exe will now be displayed in the Run Open line.  Click your cursor into this line then select the "End" key on your keyboard (this will place your cursor to the very far right of the command line). 

f)       Once your cursor is placed to the far right of the command line, type a space and then the following:  

-s "Datatech PDF" -n "Datatech Software Inc." -c 

g)      Click OK.   

h)      Open your Quick&Easy program. Open a form and select the File menu.  You should now have the Send to PDF option. (For instructions on how to create your PDF file using Send to PDF, please see steps 1 through 5 above.) 

*       The Datatech PDF is not compatible with some Windows 7 computers.  If you receive an error message either installing or trying to create a PDF from your Windows 7 computer, you will need to install another PDF driver and select that from the File/Print Setup menu from inside Quick&Easy, then select to print.  You will follow the prompts to select your pages and to save the PDF file you are creating. 


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