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Using Templates


Creating a template: 

If you wish to have your company’s information or any type of information that will always be the same regardless of client or case already filled in, you will want to create a template.  When you create your own template you will open that instead of the template Quick&Easy provides, giving you access to the form that has your pre-filled information.   

To create a template: 

1.      Open the Quick&Easy program and select to Start a new form. 

2.      Highlight the form you wish to create a template for 

3.      Select the option for Template in the Create New option box, then click OK 

4.      Enter all the information into the form that you want to appear every time you open that template.  You will want to enter data that will be the same regardless of client or case (for example: name, address and phone number of your firm or agency).  

5.      Select to Save your file. 

*       You will receive a dialog box looking for Title, Author, Key Words and Comments.  The only information you have to fill is for Title.  This is the name that will appear in the “start a new form” screen, so you will want to give it an appropriate name specific to the form you are working with.  Click OK. 

*      You will then receive the dialog box to give this file a name.  Although you may use the same name as the title you created above, this is the actual file name as it is saved to the Scripts folder on the hard drive.  Click Save. 

6.      You will close and re-open the software and select to start a New Form.  You will see the title of the template you just created on the “User Defined” tab.   


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