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Creating A PDF File


Creating PDF files from your Quick&Easy program allows you to send your form (via email) to others that may not have the Quick&Easy program, allowing them to view and/or print your form from their computer.

You can create a PDF file from your Quick&Easy program if you have a PDF driver installed to your system.  (If you do not have a PDF driver installed, you may consider installing one from the internet.  There are many "free" PDF downloads available.)   

Once you have determined that you have a PDF driver installed, please do the following:  

1.      Open your Quick&Easy program and the data file you wish to convert to PDF. 

2.      From the File menu select Print Setup. 

3.      Select the PDF driver you have installed (in place of your default printer) and click OK. 

4.      Select to print your data file.   

5.      Follow the prompt to select the pages you wish to include in your PDF file. 

6.      When the Save As dialog box appears, enter a file name (name your file appropriately, this is the PDF file that will be created for you).  You also have the option of saving this file to any location on your computer.   

7.      Once your PDF file is created, it is ready for you to attach to emails or store on your system in the PDF format for other use. 

*      Quick&Easy has a built in feature labeled “Send to PDF”.  When the Datatech Software PDF driver is installed, the Send to PDF option will automatically appear on your File menu.  Please see instructions Send to PDF. 


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